Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project


Covering part 2

Here is the fuselage being layed out with the bottom covered.
All Sanded and ready for cover.
The master gule artist getting ready to paint green goo all over that nice varnished wing!
Every little spot needs covered or the fabric won't hold down.
Don't forget the undersides!
This is how I routed my pitot tube out of the wing. It hooks up to the strut here at this fitting.
Here the pitot line & the hose with the strobe wire are routed down the wing.
This is the other end of the strobe wire where it exits the wing tip. The hose allows the replacement of the wire in the future without having to tear down the wing.
1 wing done, 1 to go...
First I started with the top surface.
This is the root end of the wing with the plywood cut out.
Don't forget to glue the rib caps first!
Here the wing is about to be shrunk and finished off before stitching.
First iron down all the rib caps once the final shrink is done.
This is my rib stitch jig. I braced the wing up so it would be easy to get to both sides and stitch the tops of the ribs.
Another view.
Here is the rib stitching knotts holding on the top skin. I used the FAA standard practices manual to learn the standard rib stitch knott patterns.
Then you put finishing tape over the tops of the stitches to clean it up.
Here is an inspection ring and cover going on. This area has 2 layers of fabric to reinforce it for the ring to be cut out later.
The root end of the wing with the strobe wire hanging out.
All the rib stitching done with the tapes in place.
Here are the finished wings after sealing the fabric weave with cecobond.
Another veiw.