Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project



The process starts with the varnishing and sanding of all of the airplane parts to prepare them for the glue & covering.
Here my Father-in-Law is working on sanding the wing to prepare for varnishing.
Lot's of help is a great thing when it comes to this most tedious of jobs. Man there are a bunch of small sticks that need varnishing in there.
My son did a great job at working in the small areas of the wing with the varnish.
Here is the Elevator with one side covered and the second waiting to have the glue dry and fabric attached.
One end of the Elevator.
Another end of the Elevator.
This is the finished vertical fin. It just needs to be heat shrunk to finish it up.
I have not done any of the heat shrinking yet. I have such good help that all I do is supervise the process!
Carefull attention is required with a 225 deg iron to make it all nice and smooth. Later we will up the heat and do the final shrink.
Notice the small green sanding paper. Strange how it ends up in the smallest places in out of the way hiding spots!