Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project


The Landing Gear Construction

Here are the landing gear fittings. Notice the temporary block that you use to fit the gear fittings correctly onto the gear leg.

Here is the interior of one of the landing gear legs. After it is assembled you need to varnish the inside of this structure before you close it all up.
Finally the finished landing gear! Now this is looking like an airplane!
It's almost time to put it right side up on the gear! It won't be long now till the flight's of fancy start in the garage.
This is the center support attachment that keeps the gear from bending from side to side.
Notice the small bushings that keep the wheels in the right place against the gear legs.
This is the gear hinge that attached to the bottom of the fuselage. You can pull the gear from the fuselage by pulling the 2 hinge pins out. Don't worry they are very stiff and won't just fall out!
Here is the new style tail wheel that TEAM is supplying these days. It is a much improved part from the original design and I am glad that they updated the kit with this part.
Notice it now has dual forks and a nice axle along with a nice bent steel spring leaf instead of an aluminum one.
Finally here is the fuselage on the Gear!