Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project


Nothing works like a Jig

Here is the leading edge forming jig that I built. It allows the plywood to be shaped prior to attaching it to the wing. Once the wood comes out of there it simply glues and staples onto the wing already formed to shape.

Wing Hanging

Ever wondered what you were going to do with some of those large parts that you built while you finish the rest of the plane???? Well here is what I did. I think it works pretty well. It is using space that I can't use for anything else and it get's it out of harms way while the next one is being built.

Here is the rope detail where it attaches to the ceiling. I used hooks into the rafters and simply knotted it on one side and used a pulley on the other site to help lift it smoothly.

Fuselage Bending

Here is a clamp that I made that helps to pull the nose section tight against the motor mounting plate. It is made with simply hardware store parts and helps to pull everything tight. You can leave it on until you sheet the bottom of the fuselage.