Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project


Misc Outfitting pictures

Well, Here goes nothing, I wonder if that seat will hold?
Yep, held fine. However I did add a bit more support under the seat bottom just in case!
It's snug, but comfortable and should be fun once the top is on the the windscreen is up.
Here we are putting in the elevator cable ends and hooking it up to the stick.
Many hands make light work.
Now we are even starting to pose for the pictures! Help...
Three men in a tub... It kind of works like the 2 man rail cars with one forward and one backwards.
This is how you drill the tail once it is assembled because you forgot to before you put it together! :)
Looks like it fits better than dad!
Future Pilot
Future Pilot number 2
Asleep at the stick...
Here is a new type of Alternative Powerplant option for those on a limited budget! :)