Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project



Here the wing is ready for final paint. The bottom is already painted as can be seen wraping around the LE of the wing.
The LE of the wing is an area that is very prone to runs! It takes care to keep from messing up the paint here. (don't ask how I know all this)
Here we are with 1 full coat put on top the dusting that keeps the paint held on.
Look at that shine!
You only get shine like this with polyurathane paint products. Hopefully that is what you want, because polytone this is not!
Looking down the finished wing.
This is a neat little stand that a buddy lent me to hold the wing while you paint it. You just put the other end on a saw horse and then you can turn the wing over by yourself. Very neat.
Wing TE.
HS tail and rudder
Headrest drying after primer application to the fiberglass.
Here is the instrument pannel, ready to be wired.