Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project



Here are the first parts waiting to be sprayed in the new plastic spray booth.
I setup a complete floor to ceiling visqueen spray booth in the garage to do my painting.
The fearless painter drawing his gun!
I love the combination of a HVLP gun and the water based finishing system from Aircraft Finishing System. You don't even need a mask. There is no over spray or misting in the air.
Finishing up the aileron with Cecofil. Cecofil is a UV coating and weave filler to prime before paint.
Here is a finished aileron.
The fuselage all primed and ready. This has already been sanded. First with 320 grit, then with a final sand of 400 grit paper.
Bottom of the fuselage.
This is a neat wing stand. It bolts into the spar connections and then allows you to rotate the wing with one person at the other end. You just set the other end on a saw horse.
Wing all preped and ready for Cecofil.
Wing after Cecofil.