Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project


Airport Transportation

Well, Here we go... All done and heading out to the airport for final assembly. Hey you, carefull with that plane!!!
I don't know... I guess it's the right thing to do. It's been here in the garage for a long time now. (just ask my family). ;
Here is the elevator trim tab that I attached. It is just a fixed metal tab right now, but will be adjustable in the future.
Up the ramp we go.
First secure the fuselage on the trailer. It goes in the center straped around the axel in the front and the tail wheel in the back.
Then the wings go on the sides. Notice the nice welded wing racks on each side of the fuselage. It was great having access to Mark's trailer since it was designed for his Hi-Max.
One wing done, one to go. The wing racks are padded with some pipe insulation taped around the parts that rub. Then 2x4 blocks are screwed into the decking to attach various parts onto the trailer.
Look out Emily, here comes a wing. Now you just set the wing on those blankets nose down on the side of the trailer.
Just like that...
Next you strap the wing onto the trailer so that nothing moves while you drive.
It gets fairly tight inbetween there, so it's good to have a runner to pickup stuff that gets left in the wrong place along the way.
All done and ready to transport.
We made it to the airport without one single scratch or problem with the plane or trailer. This was a great way to get the job done!