Trim Tab install

This is my new and improved cockpit adjustable trim tab! It works great. Cost just a few dollars and is simple to use and install.

Ok, here's the tab hinged and attached to the back center of the elevator. The hinge is an aluminum piano hinge that is riveted to the tab and bolted to the elevator.
The spring returns the tab to the up position, (which is down elevator trim). The cable pulls the tab down for up elevator trim. The standoff just holds the cable so it can pull on the horn. A bug nut swivels with the cable attachment on the horn.
The cable is routed through 1/4" poly water line from the local hardware store. This poly line is run from the elevator hinge point forward in the fuselage to underneath the seat.
Here is the control end of the system. You simply pull up on the lever to trim the nose up, and push down to trim down elevator. In the position shown the plane is trimed for level flight. With full down trim it climbs hands off just great.