Andy Karmy's MiniMax Project


Wing Attachment

The process of setting the wings is a fun one! You start by attaching the wings through the fuselage and pinning them in place.
This is the board attachment that I used to generate a level line out from the fuselage.
Next you level the board so that you can measure up from it to determine the dihederal of the wing.
You need some type of temporary brace to level the wing in it's new location relative to the level board.
I made this small aluminum stick that is exactly the right height to generate the 3 degrees of dihederal at 10 feet out from the fuselage. By using the same stick on both sides of the plane it all comes out the same!
Here is the front spar carythrough fitting and pin to hold the wing straps on.
And this is the rear wing attachment point.
Ah first wing attached and rigged.
Here is the axle detail of the strut attachment.
The Airplane builders take a break after fitting the first wing. Just one more to go... (it was eaiser after the learnings that went on with the first one)