Paint Scheme Designs

This was the planned paint scheme for our RV9A!

The problem is, I took it out to get paint quotes and came back with a range from $5,000 - $12,000 to have it painted! Yikes, that's quite a bit of cash to slap some paint on the old girl. Then there is the issue of adding more weight to the current airframe. Anything added at this point means less performance, more fuel burn, etc etc etc.

SO... It's time to POLISH! Ya hoo.... Should be interesting.

I picked up a can of Flitz polish at Arlington this year, an orbital buffer to apply it, 10 rolls of paper towls and I'm ready to go. After the base polish job (I am about half way done) I will paint the fiberglass and add some vynil striping to finish it off. Here's what the finished product will look like:

Well, after 2 years of polishing I retract my previous statements about the joys of a polished airplane!

The paintjob was done by Darrell Williams of Williams Aircraft Paint in Burns Oregon. He used a DuPont Base / Clear system using Acura Perl Metallic for the blue and grey. I must say the bugs are much easier to wipe off now!