Here are some pictures of the final assembly of N169AK, from the rollout of the fuselage, to moving to the airport, to mounting the wings, it's almost done now! YES... 

Final Assembly - Part 1 the fuselage ready to go!

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Exterior6.JPG (76010 bytes) What more can you say? I think they are more than ready to go flying!
It's the American dream... A car (or 2) and airplane in every driveway! No house should be without.

Now if they would just let me start the engine in the driveway! Maybe not...

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Nice to look at that canopy after all the worry & talk about breaking canopies during install! Exterior4.JPG (102526 bytes)
Exterior5.JPG (72444 bytes) Exterior7.JPG (73732 bytes)
Exterior8.JPG (94022 bytes) I think these 2 have flown more missions in this plane than I have thus far. I think they may check me out in it before I go flying!

Final Assembly Part 2 - Moving to the Airport

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Final Assembly Part 3 - Wing Mounting

My wife Debbie and I planned to mount the wings by ourselves on a Sunday. Lucky for us, about 1 hour into it 2 great guys from EAA chapter 326 Kevin and Marv "dropped by" to see what was going on in the hanger. I think they finally left about 5 hours later with the wings mounted. THANKS GUYS!

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As you can see in the pictures, lots of measuring, checking, double checking, and in the end drilling and hammering mounted the wings! You set the sweep and incidence before drilling the rear spar attachment points, everything was per the plans and I came out with a perfectly centered hole for the rear spar attachment. No edge distance problems at all.

As you can see in the last picture, that famous RV grin is starting to build. I guess it's another milestone passed to be able to stand on the wings to enter the cockpit.

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