Firewall Forward Installation - Part 1

hang1.jpg (234818 bytes) hang2.jpg (177039 bytes)
hang3.jpg (222770 bytes) Ok, It's time to mount the engine! Above you can see the Lord mounts, spacers and washers. These are the key to getting the engine hooked on the plane. Ok, possibly more key is having an engine hoist! This one was borrowed from my Brother-in-law and used to do service in a logging truck shop!

Overall mounting the engine was fairly easy. The first 3 bolts went in without a hitch. I was following Jim Norman's Illustrated guide to hanging an engine! The only problem I ran into was getting in the last bolt. I ended up making a drift slug by cutting the head off one of the mounting bolts that came with my engine crate. It was the same size as the mount holes. I ground the end to a bullet shape. Drilled the rear of the pin with a slight concave surface, made it about 1.5 inches long and then simply started it into the hole, with the close tolerance bolt behind it and lightly taped it into the hole. Worked great! Cost nothing.

hang4.jpg (227549 bytes) hang5.jpg (186050 bytes)
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Now the real fun begins...

Completion of Firewall Forward Installation - Part 2

Final Cowl install

First Engine Start