Well, it's time to load up the wing kit. Of course there's the small matter of this 16ft long spar crate to get stuffed into my Toyota. It all fit nicely and we headed off for Seattle from Vans in Portland.

Of course we had to crack open the crates the night we got home just to take a quick look inside!

Here I am fluting the ribs to flatten them out. Seems like a simple quick process... Untill you see how many ribs there are to do!
Another small job is to build the tiedown anchor parts. These are attached to the spar and have the wing tiedown rings threaded into the end of the bar. Makes a nice solid attachment.
Next it's time to put on the skins. At this point the base structure is all riveted together. The skins are clecoed to the ribs and match drilled. By the end of this phase your hands are really pumped up from the cleco's!

Below is the doubler plate for the wing walk area.

Dimple, Dimple, Dimple, there are thousands of these babies to do!

Next it's time to rivet the leading edge D-Section. It's done off the wing in the cradle to give easy access while riveting. This is good practice for the tank riveting still to come later.

Reach those you can with the squeezer, and buck the rest of the rivets... It's really pretty easy at this point!

If you look closely you can see the driven rivets, a few yet to be driven and a cleco at the nose section.


Ok, now it's time to close out the wings...

Close_Wing_1.jpg (250700 bytes) Close_Wing_2.jpg (271850 bytes) Close_Wing_3.jpg (286894 bytes)
Close_Wing_4.jpg (285433 bytes) TE_Rivet_1.jpg (262566 bytes) TE_Rivet_2.jpg (214869 bytes)
TE_Rivet_3.jpg (168792 bytes) TE_Rivet_4.jpg (205201 bytes) TE_Rivet_5.jpg (144816 bytes)
TE_Rivet_6.jpg (229384 bytes)

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Wing_Finish_1.jpg (198290 bytes) Wing_Finish_2.jpg (260342 bytes)


How about some Fuel Tank Construction?

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Riveting the Tanks